ZPEG Engine for x264, x265 & FFmpeg


The ZPEG Engine integrates into your existing compressor, be it x264, x265, AV1 – or FFmpeg! Use of the ZPEG Engine reduces your file sizes and streaming costs by an average of 21% (HD), and UHD(4K) by 30%, all without without changing the visual experience.


ZPEG’s core technology works using an advanced 3D Human Visual Model, which removes the elements in video which your visual system cannot perceive.


Make a quick upgrade to your x264, x265, or FFmpeg to start saving on storage and delivery.

30% Average 4K Savings

x264 only
x264 + ZPEG Engine

Bandwidth Savings

Greater Than HEVC


Compression is Measured



You have already determined the optimal visual quality that will retain your subscribers. Whether you want to improve existing quality or would like to implement a new delivery model the ZPEG Engine, with its advanced three-dimensional human visual model, will improve your subscribers experience, and get you to your quality goals.


  • x264

  • Perhaps 80% of all video bandwidth is compressed using x264. If that number includes you, you’re getting pretty good compression. But you’re still paying too much for video storage, and for streaming bandwidth! Why not save 21% of your video management costs by upgrading to ZPEG Engine for x264? Apply a seamless binary upgrade, and you start putting saving in your pocket from day 1!

  • x265

  • If you upgrade from x264 to x265 in order to compress UHD/4K video, you’ll save about 50% on bandwidth. But if you upgrade directly to ZPEG Engine for x265, you’ll save 78%! Why go to the length of changing your compression stack and leave money on the table?

  • AVI

  • AV1 may well be the compression technology of the future. For UHD/4K video, it saves an additional 20% over x265. ZPEG Engine for AV1 pushes those savings to 50%.

  • FFmpeg

  • Long heralded as the Swiss army knife of compression solutions, ZPEG Engine for FFmpeg preserves the functionality of FFmpeg while offering the savings of ZPEG. ZPEG for FFmpeg supports all common video and audio compression technologies, along with captioning and transport multiplexing.